Ambient music

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This section consists of several parts, the player, «my music», «external songs», and Spotify.

The player is located at the top right (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Music player
Figure 2. Choosing background music

From this we can see that the arrow pointing to «mymusic», that means that it is playing the music chosen from the computer itself, if we click on the button marked by the green box, a new window will open (Figure 2), where you can select to use Spotify as background music, adding lists of this platform. We will explain these two options in more detail below.

When we are inside «mymusic» if the option of the blue box is selected, we will have displayed just below the player a list of songs, by default, one of the software’s own covers (Figure 3). In addition to the list, we can see in the superior part some buttons that will deploy different options.

Figure 3. Playlist

Ambient Music Equalizer

Clicking on the «EQ» button (Figure 3, upper part) will display a new window with an equalizer in which you can modify the parameters (Figure 4) or choose between different equalization options for the ambient music (Figure 5).

Figure 4. Equalizer
Figure 5. Equalizer options

My music

From here you can add songs/videos to the current playlist, to do this you can click on the button «My music», a new screen will open (Figure 6), here you have to scan the folder where you have the music/video with the button «Scan hard disk», a window will open where it asks us which format we want to scan, audio, video or both. We must choose the folder that we want to scan, when finalizing the scan all the songs of the selected folder will be shown, it is possible to make searches by name on this list. The only thing left to do is to select the desired song and add it to the current playlist with the «Add» button, it is added to the current playlist. The «Check integrity» button checks that all displayed songs have the correct path (to avoid searching for deleted songs).

Figure 6. My music


You can create as many playlists as you want, just click on the lists button (Figure 3, top) and a window will open on the left side (Figure 7), with all the following options:

  • New list: a new empty list is created.
  • Rename list: opens a window where you can change the name of the selected list.
  • Delete list: opens a dialog box, if you answer yes, the selected list will be deleted.
  • Load playlist: the selected playlist will start playing as background music.
  • Add song: opens the file explorer where you can select a song to add to the list.
  • Delete song: opens a dialog box, if you answer yes, the selected song will be deleted.
Figure 7 . Playlists


If you select the Spotify option for background music you will have to connect your user by clicking the connect button (Figure 8) and the Spotify interface will open, where you can connect through your user, for example, with Facebook.

You must have an active Spotify PREMIUM account to be able to use it as background music.

Figure 8. Connecting Spotify

In «View Spotify» we can navigate through its window (Figure 9), choose a playlist we want to play, and when we press play, it will automatically load the playlist in KaraokeMedia Pro X (Figure 10). It will use this playlist as background music instead of our music.

Figure 9. Spotify menu

Figure 10. Spotify list

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Ambient music

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