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In this chapter we will answer all those questions that often appear in relation to KaraokeMedia Pro X.

What is KaraokeMedia Pro X?

At the present time it is the best software of reproduction and management of karaoke of the market, including management of ambient music, configuration of advertising in monitors, calls to the client by screen and voice, etc., in short it is a Professional software of Karaoke used in more than 3.000 karaokes of the whole world.

Is it free or do I have to pay?

To have access to KaraokeMedia Pro X you need to have an active Premium Pro license.

Can I use the program with the Premium Account?

No, with the professional version of Karaokemedia Pro X, you need a Premium Pro account.

What kind of computer do I need?

You can see the minimum system requirements in this link System Requirements

Can I use it with a touch screen?

Yes, it is fully compatible.

How do I search for Karaokes?

To search for songs type the search parameter in the box with a magnifying glass in the center of the application (Figure 1, blue box), press Enter and the songs that match your search parameter will be loaded at the bottom. Downloaded songs will be displayed in green and those that are not in red. Click on download to enter it in KaraokeMedia Pro X.

Figure 1. Karaoke search

What happens if when I try to add a song I have searched for, the program does not find the song file?

If you get the following error message (Figure 2) it is recommended that you check the integrity of your songs. It may be that you have modified the location or deleted the file. In the section «Karaoke management», section «Check integrity» we explain how to solve it.

Figure 2. Integrity error message

What should I do to change the location of the songs on the hard disk?

From the menu «Tools» -> «Karaoke Databases» -> «Change location of songs» you can change the location of your songs. To do this you must indicate the current path of the folder containing the songs and the new path where you want to place them.

Please note that this action requires the manager password. The default password is 0.

Figure 3. Route change

If you take a USB hard disk as a drive, keep in mind how to configure this hard disk to work correctly, for this you can go to the point «Configuration of a USB hard disk».

How can I improve the performance of the program?

Any program that is running at the same time as KaraokeMedia Pro X is consuming resources of your machine, so if it is not strictly necessary, it is recommended to close it. On the other hand, there are programs (downloading movies, songs, torrents…) that besides consuming a large amount of resources, through them can sneak viruses, so it is recommended not to have them installed on the work machine.

Another action you can do to improve the performance is to delete the temporary files of your computer through the menu «Tools à Clean temporary files» of KaraokeMedia Pro X.

Is it advisable to make backup copies of the databases?

It is recommended to make backup copies of the databases periodically. In case of a system failure, it will be very useful to be able to recover all your data. You can make this backup from the menu «Tools» -> «Karaoke database» -> «Make backup», by default you have a path to save the databases, if you want another destination you can change it.

For more information go to the point «Making backups».

What do I do if I have problems playing a song?

This problem may be due to the fact that you do not have the correct audio and video codecs installed on your computer.

Why is the monitor not detected?

We must make sure that the second monitor is properly connected to the computer, because if it is not properly connected you will not be able to see the karaoke. If it is not detected, try restarting the computer with all the screens turned on and properly connected.

If you have installed a signal splitter, check if the computer needs to be powered with an external power supply.

If you still do not see the second monitor, make sure that the second monitor is to the right of the main monitor. See how to set this up in the «First Steps» section, «Enabling the video output of the second monitor».

Does the video cut out or do I see a black strip at the top of the second screen?

If this problem occurs, make sure that the screens are properly aligned on the same line by configuring them as above.

What do I do if I lose all the songs?

To prevent this from happening, backup copies of the songs should normally be made.

If you have a Premium Pro account, you can download all the songs in km3 format from the store. To do this from KaraokeMedia Pro X go to the «Update» tab and click on «Premium karaoke songs» (Figure 4). Clicking on this will connect you to our Store and you will be able to download all the songs. If you do not have a large enough hard drive we recommend downloading them from the browser when you need them.

Figure 4. Update tab

Can I pre-listen to the songs before they are projected?

Yes, you can do this pre-listening before the karaoke is shown on the screens, to do so go to the «A/V Configuration» menu in «Sound Card» and select in «Sound Card to preview songs» the sound card that you are going to use for this pre-listening. You can see it in the «How to get started» section under «Sound Card».

Is it necessary to uninstall KaraokeMedia Pro 4 before installing KaraokeMedia Pro X?

It is not necessary to uninstall KaraokeMedia Pro 4, when you start Pro X for the first time it will automatically detect the databases of the previous one, exporting all the karaokes to the new program. It is possible to use both on the same machine, i.e. you can install the latest version to test it and work with Pro 4 until you get used to the new software.

Can I play Midis and Kar files?

No, our software is oriented to quality playback, and these formats do not have enough quality to use it.

What formats does it play and do I need to install a codec?

KaraokeMedia Pro X plays almost all audio and video formats: divx, mpg, avi cdg mp3+g, mp3, wma, wav? and of course our KM3 format.
For the best compatibility with all

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