Karaoke Administration

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This is one of the main parts of the program since it is where karaoke songs are introduced to the program. We can find these options in the upper tabs, the one called «Karaoke Administration» (Figure 1). Each section is explained below.

Figure 1. Karaoke administration

Karaoke management

This screen shows all the songs that have been entered in the database. The program offers the possibility to filter them by language and/or by base type (example: if you filter by Spanish, it shows only the songs loaded in Spanish). From this window you can add or delete songs to KaraokeMedia Pro X, you can also edit the names and interpreters of the songs entered in the program (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Karaoke management

Introduce new karaokes

When clicking on «Enter new karaokes» (Figure 1) a wizard will appear explaining how to enter new karaokes to KaraokeMedia Pro X from different options such as a hard disk or a pen drive (Figure 3). If you want to know more about how to introduce karaokes from each of the options click on the link «Learn more».

Figure 3. Song entry wizard

Check integrity

Clicking on «Check integrity» (Figure 1) will open the following tab, this option checks that all the files entered in KaraokeMedia Pro X are in the same location, and therefore can be accessed directly from the «My songs» section. Clicking on «Check integrity» will add the songs for which your file is missing. Once the process is finished, you can:

  • Delete the links from the database. If you do not want to delete all songs, just deselect them.
  • Relink the songs to your file. To do this, click «Relink», and in the window that appears indicate where the file is and then accept. The file is automatically renamed.
Figure 4. Integrity check

List of hidden karaokes

There is the option to hide the karaokes you want from the lists, either because you have them repeated, or because you don’t want to show a specific one. To hide it is done from the search list with the right click on the selected karaoke, and select «Do not show again».

Figure 5. Hiding karaoke

When clicking on «List of hidden karaokes» (Figure 1) it will open the following window (Figure 6) where it shows us a list of all the karaokes that we have hidden, in this window we have the option to select one and put it in queue or play it without removing it from the hidden list. We can also remove one or all the karaokes of this list of hidden.

Figure 6. List of hidden karaokes

Time the karaokes

This option is recommended to be used after adding new karaokes, as it speeds up the search process and improves the program’s fluidity.

Figure 7. Timing of karaokes

Select karaoke backgrounds

When clicking on «Select karaoke backgrounds» (Figure 1) opens the following window (Figure 8). By default when downloading new backgrounds, they will be activated automatically, if there is a background that is not to your liking from this window you will be able to disable it. You can disable a complete package by clicking on the check on the left, or enter inside the package and select one in particular (Figure 9).

Figure 8. Select package

You can preview any background by clicking on preview. You have to select the background you do not want to use and disable the check on the left.

Figure 9. Select background


Configuration option for our technicians

Associate files

This option is to configure which types of files are opened by default with KaraokeMedia Pro X. By default, KM3 and CDG files are opened with our program, if you want to add any other extension enable it from this tab (Figure 10).

Figura 10. Asociar extensiones


In this tab you can configure in which folder the added karaokes will be saved.

Figure 11. Routes configuration.

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Karaoke Administration

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