System Requirements

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These are the basic requirements to install KaraokeMedia Pro X on a PC. If your device does not meet these requirements, you may not have an optimal experience with KaraokeMedia Pro X and you may consider purchasing a new PC.

Processor:Intel Core i5 5th generation or higher / i3 10th generation or higher
Graphics card:Integrated card with TV output, ATI Radeon 1Gb
Sound cardIntegrated sound card
Hard disk:500 Gb SSD hard drive + Hard drive storage for songs as needed
Operating systemWindows 10
Minimum requirements KaraokeMedia Pro
Processor:Intel Core i5 9th generation or higher
Graphics card:Dedicated card with TV-output, ATI Radeon 4Gb
Sound cardIntegrated sound card
Hard disk:500 Gb SSD hard drive + Hard disk storage 2 TB
Operating systemWindows 10
Recommends requirements KaraokeMedia Pro

An internet connection is required for updates, downloads and some features. Preferably wired internet. For the proper functioning of the KaraokeMedia Listings app, we recommend a WiFi router with the capacity to connect up to 254 devices, such as this router.

Over time, additional requirements may be needed for upgrades.

Only computers that meet these requirements will be supported and will be able to enjoy smooth operation. 

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System Requirements

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