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The KaraokeMedia Pro X program has the possibility to generate an infinite number of lists/reports. For this purpose, from the menu «Lists» / «Song List» you can generate these reports.

Figura 1. Lists

Karaoke Listings

When you click on «Karaoke Listings» you will see a wizard in which you can generate several listings filtered by language, time, most sung, among others.

Figura 2. Lists

Search for duplicate Karaokes

When you click on this option, the software will check all the songs for duplicates (Figure 3), it is very useful for example to hide a song when you have several brands, and you want to have a specific one for being of higher quality. At the end it will show the list of duplicates

Figure 3. Duplicates

Configure duplicate search

A list can be made of the quality of each of the brands so that the program prioritizes those of one brand over another when there are duplicate karaokes (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Duplicate configuration

Karaoke tickets

From this option you can quickly generate song request tickets for use in your venue. There is the option of 1 song per ballot, and 6 songs per ballot.

Total songs available / List karaokes sung today

Clicking on these options creates a quick listing of these features.

List queued songs by table

By clicking on this tab you will be shown the following window, where you can see the karaokes in queue for each table in your venue (Figure 5).

Figure 5. List of songs per table

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